HOGA STILLS Serial Number year 2014
Handmade solid Copper pot stills specially designed for Micro Distilleries. We are presented in
many Countries mostly in the USA in 48 Distilleries based in 22 States. We proudly model the
copper in the last 45 years.
Rum with a 400 L Pot Still:
300 L still = 225 L of wash if we fill it 75%
225 X 0.1 = 22.5 L potential alcohol
Actual yield might be 70% of 22.5L  = 15.75 at 200 proof.
Typical average % alcohol on the hearts first run is 65% or 130 proof. So we should get about 24.2 L  at 65% ABV.
Rum with a Column Pot Still:
The strip is then stored and when I have enough I distill it in the column stills, these work very
well and give surprisingly high % alcohol (92-93%) for a long time.  It is important to get the reflux
ratio right.  I would not recommend using the column still for stripping a sugar cane juice based
Hoga Company Copper Pot Still, S.L.
2014 Published.
HG1000 1000 L POT  STILL