Hoga Company Copper Pot Still, S.L.
2014 Published.
Hoga Company Copper Pot Still and Me
First of all I wish to express my sincere thanks to our Customers all over the World and local Cooperators that are helping me to make my project true, strong and still keep growing.
In the Year of 2004 we placed only 2 small pot stills in the United States, having had New York and Virginia as our starting point. Today, Hoga Stills can be seen in 48 distilleries distributed by 22 States. We will count 50 distilleries in 24 States soon. We also increased our presence in other Countries.
Armindo Da Costa.
Armindo was born in Porto (World Heritage) Portugal in February 1945. For many years he was a leader on the copper ware business, making and selling over One Million copper tea kettles and pans in the USA in few years. Flying from New York to Boston, Providence, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo or Washington DC, he had the opportunity to learn the American Market, People and Culture.