Hoga Company 2019
distilling & brewing THE INFORMATION BELOW WAS KINDLY GIVEN TO US BY A CUSTOMER USING 1 X 1000 LITRES WASH STILL PLUS 1 X 500 LITRES SPIRIT STILL:   For every mash into the mash tun we use 425Kg of crushed malted barley and 1,900 litres of hot water. From that we gain 1,600 litres of wort (sugary barley flavoured liquid) into the 2,000 litre fermenter for fermentation. You need extra space for the yeast to foam up. From that 1,600 litres of wort which ferments into 9% or 10% ABV wash, we yield around 200 litres of caskable spirit. This 1/8 rule is typical in whisky production. The 200 litres of caskable spirit (new make spirit) is around 60% ABV, thus is (200 litres X 0.6) = 120 litres of pure alcohol (LPA) per mash.      Pot Still Distilling and Brewing Equipment made by Hoga Company   See our Gallery See our Gallery