Hoga Company Copper Pot Still, S.L. 2014 Published.
Copper pot stills
Column pot stills designed to make Rum, Gin or Brandy and the best Whiskey or Bourbon. If completed with Bubble Trays we go to Vodka.
Storage and Fermenting Tanks
French oak barrels from Europe
Selected oak from Allier, Limousin, Nevers. Oak air seasoned 24 to 30 months, fine grain or medium grain. Traditional fire toast.
Hoga Company Premium stainless steel tanks and fermenting tanks for the wine and Liquors industry. Grade Aisi 304 and 316.
Winery Equipment from HOGA COMPANY. Full offer of copper pot stills, column pot stills, hold stainless steel tanks, fermenting tanks with cool jacket, American oak barrels, French oak barrels, refurbished barrels or used of Porto wine.